Our home is looked upon as a resident’s home and hence, subject to the resident’s wishes, visitors are very welcome.

All visitors are requested to enter their details in the visitor’s book and to sign out on departure. Visitors should be made aware that this is to comply with care home regulations.

Residents can usually receive visitors in their own room or in one of the lounges or in the dining room. Visitors wishing to take residents off the premises should speak to the manager, deputy manager or senior carer on duty first to ensure that any medication can be provided and that the trip out is within the capacity of the resident. This needs noting in the visitors book on departure and return.

Arrangements for pets 
As part of our entertainments program we have visiting animals from time to time, however if you wish to have your own pet visit the home this can be arranged with the manager.

Residents Property 
The home will not accept any liability whatsoever for loss of or damage to any money or other valuable property kept (or said to be kept) by the resident in or about the home unless such money or property shall have been identified to the home in writing with a current written valuation or deposited within the home’s safe for safekeeping.

In the case of money, liability will not be accepted unless it is deposited with the home for safekeeping up to a maximum of £500 in value. In the case of all other property the homes liability in respect of any item shall not exceed £500. For items above £500 the individual resident is solely responsible for separate insurance policy to cover that risk.

The home’s employees or staff are not permitted to directly accept any gifts, and/or presents from the residents or to sign as a witness any legal document, which pertains to one of the residents in the home.